b'VOL. 23#11TELL THEM YOU SAW THEIR AD IN www.MOVE2OREGON.COM THE MAGAZINE!5Are You Thinking About Selling Your Home ?List it & Keep it on the Market During the Fall and Winter Seasons!Why Fall & Winter are the best time to GET IT SOLD!Much less competition!Many home Already listed? Keep your home onsellers will take their properties off the themarket!YourRealtor hasamarket during the holidays and winter momentum going youmaynotmonths.Thiswillgiveyouandyour realize.TheyhavedevotedtimeRealtor the advantage of having fewer andeffortpreparing your documentscompeting properties. andmaterialsandhave(morethan During the fall & wintertime serious likely)spentalottimeandout-of-out-of-statebuyers cometoenjoyour pocket expense marketing your home.seasonalfestivitiesand/ortoseehow To pull your property off the marketharsh our climate may be. They are usu- duringthewintertakesawaythatallysurprisedtofindhowmildthe momentum and takes yourpropertyweather actually is. Also, Oregon offers out-of-the-loop of the buyers keep-manyfall&winterevents&activities ing a close eye on the winter market.which attract tourists who find our region Thewholeprocessandmomentumso attractive they want to move here! willhavetostartoveragaininthespring. The Holiday Season is the best time Multi-Media Target Marketing.forshowingyourhomeorproperty.Mosthomesaregailydecoratedand Nomatterwhattheseasonmaybe,have the scents of the seasoncookies Move2Oregon.comisavailable24/7,baking, a fire in the fireplace, the fresh 365 days a year!With its longevity, topsmell of a pine tree. All of this mixed rankingsonallofthemajorsearchwith the coziness of your home provide engines,strategicplacementofFREEa positive & lasting image. magazinesforshoppersacrossthe Interest rates are still at record lows. region, and its social media popularity,Whoknowswhattheywillbe5-6 Move2Oregon.com receives1,000sofmonths down the line? visitors each day and 100s of magazineorders from both locals & out of area. Tax Benefits! A house marketed in WhenyourRealtoradvertisesyourNovember and December may lure buyers home or property in the Move2Oregonlookingforyear-endtaxbreaks.Buyers Magazine, it is also posted to our web-looking to lower their taxes may snatch up site and shared via Social Media.a home late in the year so they can deducthome purchase costs. That includes points, In my 30+ years of publishing real estateinterest and property taxes.magazines and websites in Oregon I havegotten to know who the serious Full TimeIf someone has recently sold a home Realtors are. They have told me the winterthey may be highly motivated to buy months are their busiest selling season ofinNovemberorDecembertoavoid all!The above reasons are why!paying capital gains tax. Editorial by Cynthia Spry, Publisher'